Perhaps for this reason, Blacks have emphasized Western learning and culture and Indians have emphasized the glories of their subcontinental past. Despite imposed divisions, Blacks and East Indians united in the nationalist labor movements of the 1930s. However, politics quickly became contested terrain. Political parties and candidates appealed to ethnicity. Oxford-trained historian Eric Williams (1911–1981) started the People’s National Movement in 1955 with other middle-class Blacks and Creoles.

  • Both of her parents are from the island and are of African and Indian descent.
  • These include a situational analysis survey done in 1997 to look at the nature of child prostitution, child pornography and traffic of children.
  • The subsequent fall in oil prices meant losses in savings and foreign exchange, disinvestment, privatization, International Monetary Fund-directed trade liberalization policies, and general austerity.
  • Planters were encouraging Portuguese speakers from Madeira and Chinese from the Cantonese ports of Whampoa and Namoa to come as indentured laborers.

Places of worship, such as the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain and the Abbey of Mount Saint Benedict, a functioning monastery, are seen as holy places. The Caroni River, where Hindu cremations are held, is an important ritual and holy place. These forces cooperate with the United States and other countries in drug interdiction. Status symbols tend to be Western symbols—material possessions such as cars, the year model of which are designated by their license plates, houses, television sets, and dress.

Jackson, was born in Scarborough, the southern coast city in Trinidad, and Tobago. The recent murders have resurrected dreadful memories for Nicole Herbert, who was gang-raped 30 years ago. But now she’s gone public in an attempt to sensitize men and to encourage other women to speak out. Parents need to train the boy especially to respect young girls, to respect woman on a whole, because, at the end of the day, you come from a woman, and then you have sisters, you have aunts, you have cousins. You wouldn’t want somebody to do your mother, your sister these things. Two recent funerals have galvanized women to demand an end to a culture of violence on the streets and in the home.

The Arts and Humanities

She was most influential in introducing folk dance to the public education system and converted her parents’ backyard into the Little Carib Theatre in 1948. Audrey Layne Jeffers CM, OBE was a Trinidadian social worker and the first female member of the Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago. Legal experts warn that women using guns could find themselves in trouble, because the right to self-protection has not been properly enshrined in law. Certainly from the side of the public, there appears a lot of willingness. But the politicians don’t seem to want to engage with some of the more advanced types of thinking and approaches to dealing with the problem. One common complaint is that politicians only talk tough at election time.

Cohabitation is legal, and common-law relationships can be found to be legally protected under the Cohabitational Relationship Act of 2000. The Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago prohibits all forms of discrimination on the grounds of gender. € The Trinidad and Tobago Succession Act was passed by Parliament in 1981 and Legislation on Property Rights was also passed, revising provisions on real property and women’s property rights. As such, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago affirms women’s rights to property ownership. Although there exists no legal restrictions to women’s access to land tenure, Trinidad and Tobago still has a gender disparity of distribution of land ownership, with some studies indicating that only 14% of private land owners are female. It is suggested that this is predominantly male dominated due to the customary regimes like patriarchal inheritance practices. In particular, the Equal Opportunity Act prohibits an employer or prospective employer from discriminating against an employee or a prospective employee because of their status .

Elected mayors who are women

In the 1990s unemployment ran at more than 20 percent. Agriculture occupations continued to decline as service industry occupations grew. By the end of the 1990s there was reason for optimism. In 1997, the economy grew by 4 percent, compared with a 1.5 percent contraction in 1993. Over the same period, inflation dropped to 3.8 percent from 13 percent. Blacks and East Indians were separated geographically, as many Blacks were urban-based and East Indians were more numerous in the agricultural central and south parts of the island. There was little if any intermarriage and little intermating between the two groups.

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While controlled by Spain, Trinidad became French in orientation and dominant language use. Captured by the British in 1797, the island was formally ceded to Britain in 1802. British administrators, British planters, and their slaves added to the island’s ethnic, national, and linguistic diversity. Enslaved Africans arrived from varied ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious groups from along the West African coast, while Creole slaves spoke a French or English creole, depending on their islands of origin.

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